• Local Culture
    Diverse Learning in the Philippines
  • Commercial Trade
    Business Networks in the Philippines
  • International Expo
    Expanding opportunities in the Philippines



The chief mission of RCEIAC is to gain a new perspective of the economics activities and social cultural reality in the Philippines and to promote mutual understanding between Taiwan and the Philippines through research-related activities. We aim to be a platform for communication that enhances bilateral exchanges in the fields of business, political economy, society, culture, and other academics fields.

  1. Industry-academic Cooperation
    • To improve the human resources of Taiwanese enterprises in the Philippines.
    • To hold industrial and career services fairs and promote the cultural and commercial trade exchange events.
  2. Talent Exchange
    • To foster bilateral exchange and academic cooperation between the universities and research institutions of the Philippines and Taiwan.
    • To assist students and professionals in their research on the economy and society in Taiwan and the Philippines.
  3. Resource Sharing
    • To establish a database system on the human resources of the Philippines and of Taiwan to support the New Southbound Policy of the government of Taiwan.
    • To build a resources and talents matching platform that offers internships and employment.